More About Me

Welcome to my Web Page. I want you to use this resource to help you look at available homes in Pebblecreek and other adult communities in order to find a home that meets your expectations. Living in an adult community like Pebblecreek is a great experience, especially if you are making this move as the first chapter of the next stage of your life's journey. Pebbleccreek offers many choices for you to help make it your favorite home. These include 54 holes of golf, 16 pickleball courts (16 more under construction) two complete workout centers, creative arts center, two tennis facilities, a full center for dance and other classes, 4 adult swimming pools , over 120 clubs and organizations. Adult life at its best.

I live in Pebblecreek and have owned a home here for over 20 years. I have been a realtor for over ten years (mostly in Pebblecreek). I have been in sales for over 45 years and my style of selling centers around customer needs, wants and concerns. I believe my greatest asset is my ability to listen to what you want and need and then help you find that perfect home. I will work hard to share what I think are the strengths and weaknesses of any property we look at together and will never push you toward a decision that is not your decision. After you buy a home in Pebblecreek, I will still be your resource to help you answer questions and make your move the community easier.

When you sign up and register to use my website it becomes your website. You will be able to set your own parameters as to what you are looking for: size, location, amenities, price and more. When you go to my website, I will receive a notification, but I will only respond to you when you tell me you want help or have something you want to see.

Thank you!

Lee Havener